High Quality Office Furniture 

Made in Spain with love and Care

Take your time! 

It is not only about decoration but about sharing space and time in your environment  with  visitors.

 We develop cozy spaces that are integral to your life and allow good decisions to be made.


Classic Office Furniture

Carved details, gold/silver leaf and mouldings decorating the walnut soffits highlight the natural beauty of the wood.

Mesa despacho Versus Plus 01.jpg

 Management Office

Natural wood, lacquers and leather combined in a contemporary and versatile collection.

Meeting Room

Shapes, Styles, Materials.

Customer-tailored solutions anywhere

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Taylor-Made Furniture

Customized projects


customer designs.


Tradition endures if it is instilled with passion. 

Always thinking of your needs


Personal projects. 

Custom made solutions. 

Quality is our byword.


Details make the difference,

 our professional care is  reflected

in the result.

Made in Spain

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